Legally protect your blog without breaking the bank.
These templates are the best way to protect your blog without having to hire an attorney.

Love the templates! Love how comprehensive they are, as well as easy to edit.

Whitney Griffin,

Whether you're a huge blogger or just getting started....

Maybe you've thought about adding legal pages to your site but you keep putting it off because it's:

Too Hard

Too Confusing

And Too Expensive

You may be creating content, building your email list, and rocking social media but...

Having an audience without the proper legal policies on your site could backfire and end up costing you:

Access to Affiliate Programs

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fines & Penalties

Customer Refunds

Ad Network Acceptance

Lost Lawsuits

It doesn't matter if you're a huge blogger or the just getting started…

There are laws that you must comply with and policies you need to have or you'll be putting your income at risk. 

 The truth is being small doesn't protect you.... 

 Maybe you've..... 

Applied for an affiliate program & got rejected  

Started selling products and received a chargeback complaint  

Never been able to land a Sponsorship Deal  

Having the proper legal policies in place can help with all of these.
It's Time You Got The the Legal Side of Your Business Squared Away!

Imagine getting it all done in less than an hour without:

Lawyer's Fees

Confusing templates that you're not sure what to change

Stressing that you've missed something

Legally protect your blog in minutes, today! Don't wait until it's too late, until...

The chargeback succeeds

You're facing a lawsuit

Fines are imposed

I loved the walkthroughs that you made for each template, explaining what each piece of it means to civilians like me who aren't lawyers

Emma Fink,
Get Your Legal Ducks in a Row
There are two types of legal templates out there....

The Good

Easy to Follow

Simple to Customize


The Bad

Full of legal jargon

Time consuming to implement

Confusing to customize

Missing important policies

Let's Get You Squared Away With Our Insanely Easy to Use Legal Templates

Fill Out a Form - while optional, by filling out the form you'll receive the templates with your information pre-populated (you're now half way to a customized template)

Watch a 15 Min Explainer Video - So you can understand ever part of the templates and decide if there is any part of the policy you need or want to change

Copy & Paste - Add your personalized policies to your site by copying and pasting.

Relax - and get back to the rest of your blogging to-do list.

I liked that it was super easy to follow - watch the brief videos and enter your information and voila! Legal templates.

Amanda Page,
Here is what will get you there...

The insanely easy to use legal policy templates written by an attorney that will take you from confused to covered, so that your blog is legally compliant and protected in 20 minutes.

Here is What's Included:
Privacy Policy

If you plan to make any money with your website, you’re likely collecting information and NEED a Privacy Policy to help protect yourself from lawsuits and legal liability.

Terms and Conditions Template

Terms and conditions are your set of rules of people using your site and products.It’s letting them know what is and isn’t allowed by anyone visiting, using or purchasing from your website

Disclosures & Disclaimers Template

Certain activities, like affiliate marketing, require you to disclose information. Disclaimers limit your liability on the content you create. They are basically you're "I told you so" if someone comes at you.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions Template

Have a product of your own? The Affiliate Terms and Conditions template helps you set the rules to your own affiliate program.

Embedded Content & Links to Other Sites Clause

You likely link to other sites and maybe even embed a video from Youtube, if so you need to let your audience know that you're not responsible for the content on those other sites, you do that with this template.

Cookie Policy

Generally speaking, bloggers use cookies that work behind the scenes to help them get insights on how people use their site. And various laws require you to inform your visitors of the cookies you use and get their permission. 

Earnings Disclaimer

If you share an income report on your blog then you should have an earnings disclaimer that explains you can't guarantee the same results.

Testimonials Disclaimer Template

If you use testimonials on your site, for example on sales pages, then you need a testimonials disclaimer so that customers can't sue if they don't get the same results mentioned in the testimonials.

Cancellation & Refunds Templates

This clause is essential if you're selling products to set the terms of refunds and to explain what exactly "lifetime access" means.

Account Creation Clause

If customers have to create an account to access your products, this clause sets the requirements of them to do so.

Affiliate & Sponsored Content Disclosure

In the US the Federal Trade Commission requires that you disclose any affiliate relationship you have with products you mention or promote. Included is various swipe copy you can use to disclose either an affiliate or sponsor relationship in blog posts, emails, or social media.

General Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability Template

This clause helps to protect you by letting readers know that you don't make any guarantees for anything on your site and that you're not liable for any actions they take based on the information your site provides.

Revisions & Error Template

This clause is to protect you if there are mistakes in your content or products.

Waiver & Severability Template

These clauses explain that you aren't waiving any of your rights and that if any part of your terms is deemed invalid, the rest of the terms still hold.

Use License Template

This clause explains how customers can use your products. For example, that they can't sell them to someone else or use them for commercial purposes.

Lawful Purposes Template

This clause requires customers to be responsible for their purchases and that they aren't making the purchases fraudulently.

Governing Law Clause

If by some chance someone decides to file a lawsuit against you, this clause tells them where they can do that. If you live in California, you don't want to fight a lawsuit in Massachusetts.

Refusal of Service/Products Template

This is the digital equivalent of "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"

Who Doesn't Love Bonuses?
️ Bonus #1 Contract Templates

As you scale you'll need to work with freelancers. Make sure you're covered with these contract templates to work with:

  • Freelance writers
  • Freelance Designers
  • Freelance Pinterest Managers

️ Bonus #2 How to Make Your Blog GDPR Compliant
A video course to help you make sure your website email marketing set up and practices are GDPR complaint.
Also includes:
  • 1-click Install Convertkit Automation Template
️Bonus #3 Template Tech Tutorials
Video lessons to walk you through step by step, setting up your site's legal pages and automatically adding affiliate disclaimers to your posts.
️ Bonus #4 Straightforward Business Starter + LLC Guide
Not sure if you need to start an LLC along with your blog? Don't know if your blog name is safe from trademark or copyright? This course walks you through figuring out all of these things. Includes a guide on how to start an LLC if it's right for you.
️ Bonus #5 The Smart Blogger's Guidebook to the Legal Side of Blogging
This ebook helps you better understand the legal stuff includes section on Trademarks & Copyright as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.
️ Bonus #6 AI Use Disclosure
Make sure you're providing clarity and transparency in how you use AI in your content creation process.

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Your Website Legal Templates Bundle is a lifesaver! You provided documents that were much easier for me to personalize than I thought possible. I was then able to copy and paste them into my website. It was as easy as that. Thank you, especially, for the yellow highlighted areas, telling me what I needed to do. I truly appreciate your legal expertise and blog experience. I'm so grateful for your down-to-earth presence, putting me at ease about handling something I didn't want to handle. You made this possible. Thank you so much for doing what you do!


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Hey! I'm Liz Stapleton!

I'm the attorney and blogger who wrote these templates. I’ve been an attorney since 2012 and a blogger since 2014.  

My interests collided and I’ve been educating bloggers on the importance of legally protecting their blog and business since 2017. 

I’ve spoken at both virtual and in person conferences, on the topic and am on a mission to help make the legal side of blogging approachable for everyone, so they can stop worrying and get back to blogging.
You might still be wondering....
  • Is this really for me?
    If you are: ✅ just getting started with your website or blog, ✅ currently using free templates from who knows where, ✅ selling digital products without having Terms and Conditions that customers agree to, ✅ been blogging a while and don’t have any legal policies on your site.

    As a US based attorney, these templates are ideal for any blog or business owner residing and conducting business in the United States
  • Do I get lifetime access to the templates?
    Yes, you can use your template for as long as you want. As for updates, you will continue to receive updates to the templates so long as I continue to sell the templates.
  • How long does it take to implement?
    The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most people are able to get these templates implemented in minutes. Others might take a little longer, perhaps an hour or two.
  • Is there a refund or guarantee?
    Due to the legal expertise required for this products, and our belief in the value provided, we do not offer refunds.
  • Who is this not for?
    These templates are not designed for ecommerce sites or service based businesses

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