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If you want to earn with affiliate marketing...


For bloggers diving into the world of affiliate marketing, that feeling can be overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be!

With the right support and guidance, bloggers can learn to navigate affiliate marketing disclosures.

Imagine if you could start earning passive income through affiliate marketing without the fear of facing legal repercussions.

By setting up FTC-compliant Affiliate Disclosures, you can be assured that your affiliate income is safe, and you can enjoy the financial rewards of your hard work.

With proper affiliate disclosures, you can establish trust with your audience, and develop a loyal following of readers who appreciate your transparency and honesty.

Start building your affiliate income today by setting up FTC-compliant Affiliate Disclosures.

Good news!

Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy is here to help!

So you can finally...

Feel amazing knowing you are going about affiliate marketing the right way. 

Feel less stressed knowing the language used in your disclosure is FTC compliant.

Be more efficient when you set up your affiliate disclosures to be automatically added to blog posts and email broadcasts.

As a blogger, you know the importance of affiliate marketing when it comes to monetizing your content.

However, staying compliant with FTC guidelines can be a daunting task.

That's why we've created Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy – a comprehensive course that simplifies the process of adding affiliate disclosures to your posts and email broadcasts. 

With our easy-to-follow tutorials, you can confidently promote affiliate products without worrying about legal ramifications. Get started today!

Instantly Boost Your Blog's Credibility with Pre-Written (by an Attorney) Affiliate Disclosure Copy

Making it easy for you to comply with FTC guidelines without the need for legal jargon

Gain your readers' trust and respect by being transparent and honest about your partnerships, leading to better relationships and increased sales.

Written by an Attorney Affiliate Disclosure Swipe Copy for Email Broadcasts

Our pre-written email templates will save you time and hassle in crafting FTC-compliant affiliate disclosures for your email marketing campaign

Step by Step Tutorials for Adding Disclosures to Blog Posts

On WordPress Sites with a Kadence Theme

On WordPress sites with any theme

On Squarespace sites

Step by Step Tutorials for Adding Disclosures to Email Broadcasts

Two different ways to add disclosures using Convertkit

How to add disclosures using FloDesk

Compliance with FTC disclosure rules, which can help you avoid legal issues and penalties.

Building trust with your readers by providing transparent information about your affiliate relationships.

Feeling confident in navigating the complexities of affiliate marketing and disclosure requirements

Ready to make your affiliate marketing disclosures easy and compliant? Purchase "Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy" today!

Let's recap...

Affiliate Disclosure Swipe Copy for Blog Posts

Affiliate Disclosure Swipe Copy for Email Marketing

Step by step Tutorials to automatically include affiliate disclosures in blog posts (three different methods)

Step-by-step tutorials to automatically include affiliate disclosures in email marketing

$47   ONLY $9!

Your questions, answered.

  • Who is this for?
    1. Bloggers who are new to affiliate marketing and want to ensure they are disclosing properly.
    2. Bloggers who have been using affiliate marketing for a while but want to double-check their disclosures.
    3. Bloggers who want to avoid any legal issues or penalties related to non-disclosure.
    4. Bloggers who want to build trust with their audience by being transparent about their affiliate relationships.
    5. Bloggers who want to increase their chances of being accepted into affiliate programs.
  • What Will Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy Help Me Do?
    1. Ensuring all blog posts and email broadcasts have proper affiliate disclosures to comply with legal requirements.
    2. Building trust with their audience by being transparent about affiliate relationships.
    3. Avoid any penalties or legal issues related to non-disclosure.
    4. Increasing the likelihood of being accepted into affiliate programs by demonstrating a commitment to proper disclosure.
    5. Streamlining the process of adding disclosures to blog posts and email broadcasts to save time.
    6. Improving their overall affiliate marketing strategy by ensuring you are meeting all necessary requirements and guidelines.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee for this product?
    No, due to the nature of this product and the ability to implement it quickly, we do not offer a refund for purchase of Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy.
  • Do I need any special skills or knowledge to use this product?
    No, the training has been designed for all levels of tech know-how.
  • Can I use Affiliate Disclosures Made Easy on any platform or website?
    Yes and no. The Affiliate disclosure swipe copy can be used on any platform or website. The step by step tutorials included cover how to install automatic disclosures on:

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