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The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is amazing, but it can also be overwhelming if you let it.

Imagine having.....

A clear action plan for everything you learn at the summit

Templates to help you implement even faster

Additional resources to dive even deeper into a strategy

It's all possible with the Blogger Breakthrough Summit All Access Pass - it's more than just the sessions....
All the Sessions on In the World Won't Matter if You Don't Take Action!
But I get it, it can be hard when you don't know where to start and you're already swamped, maybe....

You work a full-time job, have a family, and zero extra time

You don't know what to write for your upcoming blog post, much less what to send your email list

Completely new to blogging and just though"what the heck is an email list"

Here Is What You Can Look Forward To With An Upgraded Pass...

Get Lifetime Access To All 50+ Sessions 

($1597 value)

No need to watch in the first 24 hours after the session airs, you get continued unlimited access to every session once it airs. 

Watch each session at your own convenience so you can take time to implement what you’re learning 

Access never expires so you can come back and rewatch whenever you want to refresh your memory on your favorite sessions.

Audio Versions Of Each Session

($510 value)

Don’t have time to sit in front of your computer and watch? Take every session with you on the go with a private (pass holders only) podcast feed.​

Listen when you’re out running errands, folding laundry, or working out.​

PDF Transcripts Of Every Session

($849 value)

Perfect for when you’d rather read instead of listen! We have an edited written transcript for every session.​

These transcripts are great to follow along with, making notes, and highlighting as you listen!​

Action Taker Workbook

($99 value)

More than just a place to take notes, this fillable PDF workbook includes for each session:

Session highlights so you never miss an important point.​

Action steps so you know exactly what to do next.

Worksheets to help you process what you’re learning​

Exclusive Networking

($197 value)

Make meaningful connections with other attendees and speakers by:

Getting access to a private social lounge that helps you connect and set up times to meet with other All Access Pass Holders​

Attending a set Networking event, that is designed to help you break the ice, have fun, and could even lead to winning some fun prizes.​

Live Implementation Workshop

($197 value)

Learning and connecting at a summit does you no good if you don’t take action. This live implementation workshop will help you:

Figure out a plan for what you’ve learned, and ​

Take steps on your first action item.​

*The implementation workshop will take place Friday, Jan. 27th at 1:00 pm PST and will be recorded if you can’t attend live.

Plus All These Incredible Bonuses From Our Speakers:
($2,813.99 Value)
How to Update Your Old Content to Grow Your Traffic

(Sells for $74) From Jessie Festa

Learn how to update your old content to improve your SEO and grow your traffic!

Magic Attraction

(Sells for $497) From Dr. Destini Copp

Magically Attract Future Students For Your Online Course (and grow your email list with action takers, not freebie seekers)

20 Hour Week Workshop

(Sells for $97) From Stephanie Blake

A 60-min workshop + bonus bundle that will give you an in-depth look at the 7 steps to work <20 hours/week as a service provider while making 6-figures!

23 Legal Mistakes Made by Bloggers and Entrepreneurs (and How to Avoid Them!)

(Sells for $47) From Amira Irfan

Starting an online business is hard but protecting it legally can be even harder! That's why I put together this comprehensive ebook to guide you through the most common legal mistakes I see bloggers and entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. In less than 30 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know to protect your online business!

Content Planning 101: How to Plan a Year’s Worth of Content in Two Days

(Sells for $97) From Heather Ritchie

Imagine creating your content plan for the whole year in just two days or less. In this course, Heather will teach you her simple content planning process to free up tons of wasted time trying to figure out what to write and post about.

Dislcosure Template

(Sells for $27) From Lucrezia Iapichino

Plug-and-play disclosure templates and bonus resources. Specifically designed for bloggers, course creators, affiliate marketers, and other online entrepreneurs Perfect to comply with the FTC guidelines and other legal requirements.

10 Minute Email Marketing Hacks

(Sells for $37) From Eb Gargano

 In this ebook, I am sharing with you 37 small-but-impactful email marketing improvements you can make - each of which will take you 10 minutes or less. So now you can use all those odd spare moments of time productively to improve your email marketing, grow your email list and FINALLY cross 'sort out email marketing' off your to-do list!

Get Organized with Airtable masterclass

(Sells for $47) From Rebekah Lara

Are you tired of spending hours at your computer trying to locate important information you need to actually get your work done? Airtable is perfect for overwhelmed mom entrepreneurs and content creators who are ready to take action, save time, and ultimately make more revenue in their business. The creative entrepreneur's step-by-step guide to getting OUT of your inbox today!

Growth Boost Blueprints

(Sells for $147) From Cousett Hoover

You are settling into blogging life, you found a theme, you are creating content and possibly even getting some traffic. Your blog is born! Now comes the chance to grow that blog into something amazing. This course will teach you how to help your blog flourish to reach new heights. We will cover several growth boost blueprints. 

Easy Breezy Planners

(Sells for $67) From Kate Danielle

Create Your Own Planners to Sell! With the Easy-Breezy Planner Canva Templates you can create beautiful planners without spending all day in Canva. You will shine online and save valuable time with professionally designed templates that you can use for your business or your clients!

Journaling For Authentic Content

(Sells for $27) From Angela Clay

This journal was designed for fellow writers to take the time to answer questions about daily living, travel, and how you move throughout your day. Journaling is a beautiful way to hold space for your thoughts. The destination, in the end, often leads you to places you may not have visited in your mind. Use this journal to explore what is already resting on your heart.

Launch Waitlist Email Templates

(Sells for $97) From Amanda Warfield

Send these 8 emails to your waitlist leading up to your launch in order to build hype and momentum before doors even open on day one!The creative entrepreneur's step-by-step guide to getting OUT of your inbox today!

The Social Post Sub

(Sells for $97) From Liz Theresa

Never wonder "what do I post" ever again. You’ll get… 1 x fill-in-the-blank template sent once per week so you never run out of things to say Instant access to the library of templates already shared in the community You don’t have to join another FB Group It just gets sent to your inbox

12 Canva Templates to Make Fillable

(Sells for $27) From Sasha Hutchison

12 done-for-you templates are ready to sell or giveaway as printable products or can be made fillable for you to resell on your blog or e-commerce shop. Thoughtfully made by a top 1% seller on Etsy.

The Blog Monetization Course

(Sells for $497) From Chelsea Clarke

Monetize your blog in 7 different SMART ways at once. Even if your blog is brand new, with a teeny tiny following!

The Fearless Authority Booster Template and Training

(Sells for $67) From Stacy Zant

Fearlessly Create a High Conversion Lead Magnet with this template you can make your own to boost your authority and your conversions from your blog and website with this lead magnet template and bonus training created specifically with you in mind. It just gets sent to your inbox


(Sells for $19)

Social Media Management Tool

30 Day Trial in the Becoming Boss Mastermind

(Sells for $97) From Faith Mariah

More impact and more income No drama, hustle, or struggle required. This is what can happen when you stop thinking like an employee and become a boss. Inside the Becoming Boss Mastermind, we will show you how.

Pitch It Premium

(Sells for $47) From Jenny Melrose

Longing for a full calendar of paid content? What about consistent income? Pitch It Premium will get you started on the right foot to start pitching brands and getting you paid what you're worth.

Mompreneur Trello Bundle

(Sells for $47) From Cara Harvey

Keep all important links in one place so you don't waste time finding things - Instead of making your social media posts one and done, keep them on the Social Media Board for easy access next time - Get an exact launch breakdown for your offer and keep your plan on one board - Save a TON of time while working since you have your systems all in one place.

Google Search Console Secrets

(Sells for $149) From Niki Robinson

Dive into Google Search Console, a FREE SEO TOOL that can help you gain more search traffic. This mini-course walks you through what you need to know about GSC.

Outbound Clicks Tracking Kit

(Sells for $67) From Sherry Smothermon-Short

This kit will show you how to track your outbound links from your site--including affiliate links. You'll get tips and tricks on what you can do to increase the clicks to (and sales of) the affiliate products you promote.

Quick Win Workshop - How To Set Up a Sales Funnel in ThriveCart

(Sells for $47) From Monica Froese

You'll walk away with a completed sales page, checkout, and delivery via ThriveCart.

The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible

(Sells for $45) From Ana Skyes

This eBook is for bloggers, solopreneurs and content creators who are either just getting started with Pinterest, or who want access to more advanced strategies to master the platform and boost their blog traffic.

Permission to Speak: 28 Podcasting Experts Voice Their Journey

(Sells for $47) From Dan Morris

Permission to Speak: 28 Podcasting Experts Voice Their Journey
Just Presell It

(Sells for $49) From Liz Wilcox

Everything you need to write a quick email campaign to sell your new idea.

Magical Memberships

(Sells for $47) From Melody Johnson

Get the step by step action plan to create a magical membership that grows peaceful profits in your membership and feels magical for you and your members!

Email Profitability Calculator

(Sells for $37) From Debbie Gartner

Want an easy way to track your email's profitability? Last year I earned over $173,400 profit just from email. Now you can have access to the tracker I use to analyze and improve my email profitability. I made it super easy to use, and it automatically calculates.

Translate Your Blog and Website to expand in International Markets

(Sells for $19) From Thei Zervaki

This book will guide you through the process of translating your website, blog, and digital products to expand and sell internationally. Ideal for bloggers or website owners that they have a good amount of content and also sell digital products.

GTFO Your Inbox

(Sells for $97) From Erin Flynn

The creative entrepreneur's step-by-step guide to getting OUT of your inbox today!

All Access Pass
Give yourself the gift of time with lifetime access to all the sessions + tons of Bonuses!

Unlimited Lifetime Access to All of the Sessions ($1597 value)

Edited PDF Transcripts for each session ($849)

Private Podcast feed of the sessions to listen on the go ($510 value)

Action Based workbook ($99 value)

Exclusive Networking Event ($197 Value)

Live Implementation Workshop ($197 Value)

+ Speaker Bonuses:

How To Update Your Old Content To Grow Your Traffic  

Magic Attraction 

 20 Hour Week Workshop 

 Content Planning 101: How To Plan A Year’s Worth Of Content In Two Days 

 23 Legal Mistakes Made By Bloggers And Entrepreneurs (And How To Avoid Them!) 

 GTFO Your Inbox 

Dislcosure Template 

 Get Organized With Airtable Masterclass 

 Growth Boost Blueprints 

 10 Minute Email Marketing Hacks 

 Easy Breezy Planners 

 Journaling For Authentic Content 

 Launch Waitlist Email Templates 

Translate Your Blog and Website to expand in International Markets

30 Day Trial In The Becoming Boss Mastermind 

 Pitch It Premium 

 Mompreneur Trello Bundle 

 Google Search Console 

 Secrets Permission To Speak: 28 Podcasting Experts Voice Their Journey 

 Just Presell It Magical 

 Memberships Outbound 

 Clicks Tracking Kit 

 Quick Win Workshop - How To Set Up A Sales Funnel In ThriveCart


Authority Booster Template And Training

12 Canva Templates To Make Fillable The Fearless

The Blog Monetization Course.

The Social Post Sub

Email Profitability Calculator

The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible


Just $179

(payment plan available)

97% OFF

30 Day Pass
Give yourself extra time with 30 Days of access to all the sessions!

Unlimited 30 Days' Access to All of the Sessions ($597 value)

Action Based workbook ($99 value)


Just $99

(payment plan available)

85% OFF

What Past Blogger Breakthrough Summit Attendees Have Said:
7-Day Money Back

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, just let us know with an email to within 7 days, and we'll issue a refund, no questions asked.

As the 2022 summit was my first ever, I didn't know what to expect. During the run-up to the launch, it was a really exciting thing to experience, there was so much hype and it kept building and building. The Blogger Breakthrough Summit 2022 did not disappoint at all - it absolutely smashed it out of the park! I'm quite a sceptical person, so I had some doubts about the authenticity but every doubt was diminished in seconds. Every speaker has genuine experience and they provide so much value and knowledge. I originally got a free ticket, but I wanted to watch 31 presentations and there was no way I could have watched them all over 5 days, so I purchased the upgraded pass and I cannot express how much goodness was provided in the pass. Absolutely blown away and I'm so excited for the next summit!

Smart Questions You're Probably Wondering...
  • When Will I Get Access to Everything?
    The Pre-recorded sessions will be available to you on Jan. 20th. The Live sessions will be added to the upgraded passes later in the day that they air, with edited captioning and transcripts added the following week.
  • What's the difference between the Free Ticket and the Paid Passes?
    Besides getting extended access to all of the sessions, you'll also get an action-based workbook. Plus with the All-Access Pass, you'll get a private podcast, and transcripts for each session as well as access to tons of Speaker Bonuses!
  • Where does the summit take place?
    How does your couch sound? The summit is online, so you can access the sessions anywhere you can access the internet.
  • I'm interested in one of the paid passes but I'm afraid I won't use it, how will I know it's for me?
    There are tons of summits out there, I get it. Like you, I've bought summit passes the past and then barely used anything in them.

    What makes this different is it's designed to help you take action, with action-packed sessions (but not an overwhelming amount), a workbook that gets you to the next steps, and a resources (for the All Access Pass) to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.
  • It sounds too good to be true, is this a scam?
    Nope! It's absolutely real. And if you don't believe me, just hop in the Summit Facebook group to ask those who purchased the previous summit passes.
  • What if I don't have time to dive into the paid pass right now?
    If you get the All Access Pass - no problem, you have lifetime access to the sessions.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 7 day 100% Money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 7 days and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.
  • How will I receive my access?
    After check out, you'll get a link to access your purchases. You'll set up an account and log in to your purchases here:
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